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Reasons To Book A Staycation

When you're thinking about fun activities for your family, it can often be tempting to take a vacation. While vacations are unquestionably fun, they're not the only option for you to think about. Another option is to book what is commonly known as a staycation — a getaway in which you stay in your local area but typically spend your nights in a hotel instead of at home. A staycation can be a fun summer activity for your whole family, and something everyone may be keen on doing occasionally in the years ahead. Here are some reasons to think about booking a staycation.

Less Time Investment

If you aren't able to take a lot of time away from work, a staycation makes a lot of sense. Some vacations are time-consuming because of travel. For example, if it takes you a whole day to reach your destination and another whole day to get home, a three-day trip ends up essentially taking five days. A staycation is a good choice because it requires less of a time investment. Because you aren't having to travel, you can essentially be "on" your staycation just a few minutes after leaving your home.

More Affordable

Staycations can often be considerably more affordable than traditional vacations, given their lack of travel. Think about how much you spent on airfare during a time that you traveled with your family. Even if you haven't gone on a plane trip, consider the cost of gas when you've driven several hours for a vacation. With a staycation, you skip these expenses. This can lower the cost of this family activity considerably. Saving money on your staycation may allow you to enjoy this type of activity more frequently than a conventional vacation, which can be nice for your entire family.

View Your Area In A Different Light

A staycation is also fun because it allows you to view your area in a different light. When you plan a traditional vacation, you likely spend time thoroughly assessing all of the different activities that you can do in this new location. It's easy to not take the same approach in your own area, and you may realize that you're missing out on an assortment of activities that your family would enjoy. When you plan a staycation, you'll want to research the various museums, recreational sites, and other activities that are in your area. You might be surprised at how many options are available to your family. 

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