Entertaining Your Friends and Family

3 Ways To Increase Your Tailgate Game

Tailgate is about more than just throwing a cooler in the back of your truck before a game. Tailgating is its own game, and if you want to tailgate like a pro, you have to step up your game. Here are a few tricks for partying like a professional at your next tailgating opportunity. #1 Rent Tailgating Equipment If you want to tailgate like a professional, you need to bring in the right equipment. Read More 

What You Should Know Before You Use A Scissor Lift For Your Next Movie Project

You may be in the planning stages of your next movie, or perhaps you are already filming and now need some aerial shots for a scene. This is where a scissor lift comes in handy. You can get all the overhead shots you need without having to perch on top of a building and be closer to the action. What should you know before you use a scissor lift for your next movie project if you have never rented one before? Read More 

5 Traits To Look For When Choosing Entertainment For A School Assembly

Looking for entertainment for your next school assembly? With contemporary kids, you have to compete with the fast-paced world of YouTube and social media apps, and it can be challenging to hold their attention. For best results, consider looking for entertainment that offers the following five elements: 1. Interactive Kids are used to interactive entertainment. For example, instead of passively watching Saturday morning cartoons like kids of the 80's, contemporary kids are used to video games which involve constant interaction. Read More 

How To Give Classic Media For Christmas

Have you been thinking that it would be fun to go back in history for your Christmas presents this year? If so, from selecting old movies to buying used video games online, here are some ideas on how to make your gifts especially fun this Christmas. Start With Making A Detailed List - ​With pen and paper in hand, write down the names of everybody on your Christmas list. Think of people that live out of town and put those names into one category. Read More 

Planning A Sweet 16 Birthday Party? A Playlist May Be The Most Important Detail

If your daughter is turning 16 this year and you're planning on hosting a Sweet 16, you probably have a variety of elements planned. For example, you may have the decorations decided, the type of food you'll serve, and the events you'll use to celebrate the big day. However, you simply can't ignore the importance of a high-quality music playlist.   Why Sweet 16 Birthday Parties Matter A Sweet 16 birthday party is a moment when a teenage girl takes one step closer to becoming an adult. Read More 

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Entertaining Your Friends and Family

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