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Taking Your Kid To A Trampoline Part? Tell Them These Safety Tips

Will you be going to a trampoline park with your child but are worried about them staying safe? If so, it will help to review some safety tips so that they have an enjoyable experience.

Wear Athletic Apparel

It's important to be dressed for the occasion when you go to a trampoline park. Everyone jumping should avoid wearing anything that is too hard or sharp, such as watches, jewelry, or hard belt buckles. Dress as if you are going to work out, and know that anything you wear can get caught or collide with another jumper. 

Do Not Double Bounce

While it can be incredibly fun to see how high you can get in the air on a trampoline, know that double bouncing is typically not a good idea. Most trampoline parks only allow one person at a time on a trampoline for this very reason. There are two things that can happen when double bouncing that are quite dangerous. There is the chance of colliding with the person that you are double bouncing with, which can cause both people to hit their heads and be injured. It's also possible to miss the timing of the double bounce, causing you to land at a bad angle and become injured. 

Know How To Land In An Emergency

Bouncers should always try to land on both feet when they are jumping on the trampoline. However, this is not always possible depending on what other people are doing or losing your balance. The best thing to do if you are landing in an emergency situation is to tuck in your head, legs, and arms to get into a ball. Tucking in your head is key because it prevents your head from hitting something hard on the way down. 

Avoid Landing On The Pads

The trampolines are going to have large pads between them, which hide all of the springs that are putting tension on the trampolines. You always want to land on the trampoline and not on the pad. These pads may look soft, but they can provide a hard landing when you are coming down from a big jump. It is best to avoid them entirely and try to land in the middle of the trampoline whenever possible.

Do Not Jump While Eating

While your kid may want to eat a snack and get right back to jumping, know that they shouldn't be jumping with any food in their mouth. Not only is it a choking hazard, but it can fall on the trampolines where everyone is jumping with their socks. 

Keep these tips in mind when visiting an indoor trampoline park near you.

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