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3 Advantages Of Horror Sequel & Remake Vinyl Records

As you build your horror vinyl collection, you may naturally be drawn to the original soundtracks for horror classics. While original movie soundtracks are an essential part of any collection, you could find multiple advantages of purchasing a horror sequel or remake vinyl record instead. Consider some of the advantages and learn what to look for when you shop for the records.

1. Original Score Homages

A horror sequel or remake will often honor what made the original so popular and weave a connection, especially through the music. Along with new original tracks, many of the soundtracks will include original score pieces. This way, you can hear the signature track without the need to purchase a whole separate record.

Many of the new tracks will also weave in the original score through the music. You can hear familiar sounds and beats that make the whole album feel like a remix. Some of the albums may use direct tracks or feature bonus tracks from the original films. Read the full listing to see what tracks come with the new album.

2. Updated Technology & New Recordings

When a new horror film is made, the technology used for the audio recordings is often updated and modern. If some of the original scores are recorded and pressed to new records, then you will likely enjoy better sound with a lot more depth. You will hear more layers in the sounds and crisper audio than the original release.

Plus, if the original soundtrack has not had a re-release, then you run the risk of scratched records or warped vinyl that doesn't play correctly. Purchase new horror vinyl collections for the best sound quality. In some cases, horror remakes and sequels will also feature the same composer.

3. Artwork and Disc Designs

Modern vinyl releases go above and beyond just a typical record. Updated artwork includes new designs and may also include fold-out cases with additional artwork. Disc art could include designs and color schemes that match the themes of horror films.

The artwork styles will often replicate classic horror films and create a theme that pays tribute to the classic. The record designs are worth displaying and could go well with original artwork from the original horror movies.

Shop around to find horror vinyl records from modern sequels and remakes. Do a little extra research to know exactly what you're getting and the tracks released for each album.

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