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Keep People Safe In Your Bounce House Boxing Ring With This Code Of Conduct

When you visit a party rental company that rents inflatable games, a bouncy boxing ring might be something that you're interested in renting. This inflatable game can provide your group with hours of entertainment as they bounce around and have lighthearted matches. Your priority might be to have fun, but a chief goal should be to keep everyone safe. To do so, it's important to establish a code of conduct to which everyone in attendance at your event should comply. Once you make everyone aware of these guidelines, you can ring the proverbial bell to get the play bouts started.

Everyone Must Wear Gloves

You'll get two pairs of large, padded boxing gloves when you rent a bouncy boxing ring. An important rule in your code of conduct for using the ring should be that everyone who enters the ring to compete must wear these gloves. Without this rule, some people may think that it would be fun to compete without gloves or to wrestle in the ring. Doing so may lead to injuries, however, which is the last thing that you want. As long as anyone who uses the ring wears these large gloves, you can count on everyone having fun and staying safe.

Kicking Isn't Allowed

Make sure that those who will be using the bounce house boxing ring know that they should only strike one another with their large boxing gloves. This isn't a time to think about kickboxing and striking an opponent with the feet. It's virtually impossible for anyone to get hurt as long as your participants are hitting each other with their gloves, but things can change quickly when feet get involved. Remind everyone that their feet must remain on the floor of the bounce house boxing ring or close to it at all times when they're inside.

Use A Safe Word

It doesn't hurt to establish a safe word that competitors can use when they've had enough. If someone is getting tired or is laughing too hard to be able to effectively compete, he or she should feel empowered to yell a word that requires the competitor to stop. Your competitors will feel safe knowing that they can use this word if they're ready for the bout to end. For example, someone who gets dizzy from all of the bouncing can simply say the word and have his or her opponent back away.

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