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Tips For Making Instagram Posts About Hip Hop Gossip

If you're launching an Instagram account dedicated to sharing hip hop gossip, there are several ways that you can build a following. Don't look for shortcuts such as posting click-bait content or buying followers. Through a dedication to producing high quality, entertaining content, you'll eventually start to see your follower count increase. As people scroll through Instagram, they may view different content for only a split second before either passing by it or stopping to check it out. Here are some types of posts that you should be sharing.

Short Video Clips

Instagram is increasingly becoming a place where users watch video clips, so if you're only sharing photos, you're not doing all that you can to encourage people to check out your page. Video clips of hip hop interviews, performances, and other similar content can all be highly enticing to those who are interested in this genre of music. Consider putting a title on each of your short videos to help people understand what content is coming up. Many Instagram users won't take the time to watch a few seconds of a video to decide whether it's worth continuing, but a catchy title may compel them to tune in.


Making your own memes is a good strategy for creating content that people will notice, like, and sometimes even recommend to their friends and followers. There are many meme generators on the internet, so if you have a sharp wit and some original ideas, you can easily build content to post on your Instagram channel. Whether you're choosing memes that address the hip hop gossip of the day, or you're perhaps referencing older gossip that fans still find intriguing, this type of content can definitely help you to build an online following.


Many people may the mistake of posting a photo and then writing a short blurb about it in the caption space below. If you want to attract peoples' attention while also informing them about the latest hip hop gossip, try creating graphics. Use relevant images, headlines, and subhead text to provide a few tidbits about the tantalizing news that you're sharing. The average Instagram user might scroll past an image of a hip hop artist, but is more apt to stop if there are words around the image that tell a story. You can then provide further information about the gossip in the caption space below.

For more information, make sure to keep up-to-date on all of the latest hip hop entertainment gossip.

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