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When You Want To Have A Kid-Friendly Wedding

If you are getting married and you want to have a wedding that is kid-friendly, there are many ways you can incorporate some fun into your day. While many weddings don't allow children to come, a wedding that allows children can be a great way to celebrate your big day. When your friends all have kids and you don't want to put people out with finding a babysitter, a kid-friendly wedding can make all the difference. From an option on the menu for children, to an inflatable bounce house rental for everyone to enjoy, you can have a wonderful wedding that is an enjoyable time for people of all ages.

An Easy Dessert Bar

Cookies, candy and other easy to grab snacks make it easy for children to find something they are going to like when it comes to snacking. When the wedding is going to last for hours, you want your guests to have options. Some couples create a candy table, with all kinds of penny candy items as the gift they give to their guests. You'll be surprised at how many adults enjoy the candy table as well as the children.

Hand Out Disposable Cameras

When you want to keep children occupied at your wedding reception, hand out some disposable cameras. You'll get some interesting images, and you'll get to see your wedding through the eyes of the children that come. Collect the cameras at the end and watch what develops.

Rent an Inflatable Bounce House

Once of the best ways to keep the children at your wedding entertained is to have an inflatable bounce house rental. This can be fun for people of all ages, but especially children who have been sitting still at your ceremony and need to blow off some steam. It will help to have an individual responsible for making sure no one gets hurt while in the bounce house, paying attention to any children who may need help.

Set Out Some Crafts

A coloring table with a few crafts to make on it will also make the wedding more fun for children. Kids that need some downtime can make a craft or color a picture before heading back out onto the dance floor.

A kid-friendly wedding can be a great time. When you have enough for children to do, everyone at the wedding will benefit. Enjoy your wedding and create a kid-friendly atmosphere at the same time.

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