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Use A PA Sound System During Your Parents Retirement Party

A public address system or PA system is an electronic system that increases the volume of an acoustic sound. A standard system that could be used for a party may include an amplifier, loudspeakers, and microphones. A PA system can be connected to a stereo or internet accessible device. If you are planning a retirement party for your parents, rent a sound system and get used to using it prior to the gathering.

Determine What Type Of System Will Work Best

First, decide what you are going to use the system for. Do you plan on playing a multitude of your parents favorite dance hits and retro classics or are you going to be providing the opportunity for your guests to participate in a karaoke contest? If you aren't going to be doing a lot of talking during the event, then you do not necessarily need a system with a microphone.

If you are going to be providing commentary, as well as allow the guests to sing in groups during the karaoke portion of the party, then a system that includes a few wireless or wired microphones is a must.

The size of the speakers and the wattage of the amplifier will also be critical when choosing a system. For example, if the retirement party is going to be held outdoors in a wide open space and there will be a lot of people attending the gathering, larger speakers and a more powerful amp may be needed so that music can be heard sufficiently.

If the party is going to be held in a small, enclosed space and only a few close friends and relatives are attending, a less powerful sound system is all that is needed. Rent the desired equipment from a party planning company and learn how to use each electronic component.

Set Up And Practice Using The Sound System

Decide where you want to install the sound system. If you are holding the party outdoors, the equipment should be placed underneath a tarp or awning so that none of the electrical components get wet and short out if it rains.

Create a stage by lining up pallets alongside one another and use a carpet or large piece of fabric to cover the 'stage's' surface. Stand on the stage when directing the crowd or invite the karaoke contest participants to stand on it while they are singing. 

Plug in all of the components of the sound system and connect them to the stereo system or internet activated device that is being used during the retirement party. Speak aloud on the microphone and play several songs to determine if your voice and the music is audible and if each sound is crisp and clear. Visit a site like for more help.

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