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What You Should Know Before You Use A Scissor Lift For Your Next Movie Project

You may be in the planning stages of your next movie, or perhaps you are already filming and now need some aerial shots for a scene. This is where a scissor lift comes in handy. You can get all the overhead shots you need without having to perch on top of a building and be closer to the action.

What should you know before you use a scissor lift for your next movie project if you have never rented one before? There are some important safety tips you need to follow when using a studio scissor lift rental.

Perfect Placement of Lift 

Before you set up a scissor lift, you need to assess the perfect spot it should be placed. This doesn't mean so that you can get the right shot you want. It actually means where is the safest place on your set or at your location to place it?

You need to have someone familiar with working with scissor lifts to assess the area and figure out any potential hazards that could make the lift become unstable. You also need to know what type of lift is right for your needs and for the location you are shooting your film.

Make Sure It's Stable

Before any camera person or director gets on the lift, you need to make sure it's stable. This means, make sure no other equipment is in danger of touching it and possibly causing it to tip over. This also means ensuring that there is proper traffic control – should you be filming near an active roadway.

Always place the lift on a firm, level surface away from any holes, ditches, slopes, hills, or debris. If the lift's wheels have a braking system, always ensure that they are in place before anyone climbs onboard and extends the lift upwards. This will prevent any movement of the lift.

Check The Guardrails

Once your lift is in position, check to see that the guardrails are secure and in place. Don't use a lift where the guardrails are missing. This is an important safety feature that could help prevent any falls once the lift is in the air. Make sure the guardrail system is working smoothly as well.

Don't stand on the guardrails at any point while on the lift. Always stand on the platform. If you are up to the full extent of the lift's height, you might want to use a fall harness as an added protection against a possible fall.

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