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3 Things To Do Before Pitching An Animated Movie Series

Animated movies and shows are popular with child, teen, and adult audiences. If you are a cartoonist and you are interested in coming out with an animated series, you know the time and effort that will need to go into the working. For those who have been developing their idea seriously for a number of years, you can begin to pitch to networks. before you start to pitch your animated series to production companies, here are some things you should do to get your ducks in a row. 

1. Take a new animation class

Animation techniques are always updating and changing. Even if you have a preferred technique for creating animated products, you should still invest in a class that will teach you the latest skills. Movie production companies may have a method that they require you to use or might desire to use updated equipment in order to make the animation crisper and life-like on screen. Taking a class on animation techniques will give you an updated viewpoint on how animation news in the industry. Be sure to ask your teacher to walk you through the process that is often used to create on-screen movies so that you become acclimated to the process. 

2. Determine how common your theme is

Though many movies have the same theme, if you want to attract an audience for a series, the series will need to be different than anything else that is on the market. Be sure to have storyboards together that show the development of the characters and the story as the series progresses. Some studios will change the pitch if they pick up your movie series to fit the characters in better with themes that they know will be widely watched by their audience. Having a creative theme ensures that even with commonalities from other movies, your film will stand out at the box office. 

3. Create a movie short

A movie short can look like a cartoon that is just a few minutes long. It can also be made to look like a long trailer that gives just enough information for the first movie. It is ok if the movie is not entirely developed to the end or if the cartoon is shorter in length than you would like. Having a standout cartoon that uses advanced technology for movie creation is more important than a finished film. Create the short once you are halfway through the writing process for the film and begin to pitch the rest of the movie. 

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