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Summer Wedding Venues

If you want to hold your wedding and reception in the warm summer months, you'll have plenty of both indoor and outdoor venues to choose from. Since the weather during the summer can be unpredictable, it's important to have either a back-up option or a way to protect yourself and guests from rain and storms.

No matter what you wedding-planning budget is, you can find a wedding venue that fits your needs when the weather is nice. If you're having a small, intimate event and don't want to break the bank, consider hosting the big day in a friend's or family member's backyard. Venue options are endless during the summer, especially if you think outside of the traditional reception hall or country club. 

Another way that you can get creative and save money when holding a wedding and reception during the summer season is with decor. If you're holding an outdoor event, use your natural surroundings as inspiration when enhancing the venue. For instance, wrap string lights around a tree or wood post to create a warm, romantic ambiance during evening receptions. You may not even need to add much decor in some venues, such as vibrant gardens, where the flowers and plants will provide a beautiful backdrop.

Here are some summer wedding venue ideas to get you started:.

1. Country Barn

If you and your spouse-to-be crave a relaxed, low-key event and love the idea of a rural setting, a country barn may be your dream setting. You can either use a friend's farm barn or rent one for the day and/or night. Fill it with hay bales for seating and photo opportunities, and light it with wrought iron lanterns for an authentic feel.

One of the benefits of hosting an event in a country barn is that you can have an outdoor feel while being protected from the elements. If you need more space, consider setting up a tent outside.

2. A Beach

During the summer, you can't get a more romantic wedding venue then a beach. Depending on your location and whether you want to hold a destination wedding, you can host the big day on a nearby lake or have friends and loved ones fly to a tropical paradise.

You can set up a gazebo on the beach to say "I do" in and then dance the night away either on the sand under the stars or in a rented cabana. Inquire as to whether the beach allows music and alcohol during the planning process to avoid any last-minute problems. 

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