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Host A Winter-Themed Reception Inside Of A Rental Hall

If your favorite season is winter and you and your partner have decided to exchange vows next month and would like to host a winter-themed reception inside of a rental hall, use the tips below to create a distinct and alluring atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy after the wedding ceremony.

Ice Sculptures And Luge

Hand-crafted ice sculptures will help set the tone as guests filter into the reception hall. If you order sculptures from a dealer, choose to have them designed to look like you and your spouse or a symbol that reminds you of winter, such as snowflakes or ice skates. Sculptures can be set on top of a waterproof base and will stand out if you choose to install lights next to them. If you opt to use lighting, aim the bulbs toward each sculpture, but avoid placing electrical wires too close to the sculptures because wiring can become a hazard if it gets wet.

Purchase a luge from the same supplier and use the luge to serve small delicacies that need to remain chilled. Place the luge on a central table that is being used to serve a buffet or place it on a table that is holding a punch bowl, glasses, and dinnerware. 

Handmade Ornaments And Snowman Centerpieces

Handmade ornaments can be created by decorating large foam shapes with glitter, beads, yarn, or other craft materials. After purchasing foam shapes, choose materials that are a color that will match other decor in the reception hall. Use craft glue to affix decorative materials to the surface of each foam shape. Place the handmade ornaments in the corners of the reception hall or set the ornaments on top of tables that are holding large platters of food.

Use small foam balls to create snowman centerpieces. Glue three balls together to form the body and head of each snowman. Use buttons, pipe cleaners, seed beads, or other desired craft materials to decorate each snowman. Place one snowman in the center of each table that guests will be dining at. 

Winter-Themed Music And Dance Floor The Replicates A Skating Rink

If you will be hiring a disc jockey or local band, request that they play songs that refer to the winter or that remind you of the winter months. If you would like to create a dance floor inside of the rental hall, design the floor to look like a skating rink by laying large pieces of vinyl side by side and securing self-adhesive shiny paper to the surface of each vinyl piece. Outline the dance floor with string lights that are secured to cones or plastic markers. 

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