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5 Traits To Look For When Choosing Entertainment For A School Assembly

Looking for entertainment for your next school assembly? With contemporary kids, you have to compete with the fast-paced world of YouTube and social media apps, and it can be challenging to hold their attention. For best results, consider looking for entertainment that offers the following five elements:

1. Interactive

Kids are used to interactive entertainment. For example, instead of passively watching Saturday morning cartoons like kids of the 80's, contemporary kids are used to video games which involve constant interaction. They take that preference into real life as well, and to that extent, they tend to respond better to school assembly entertainment that is interactive.

2. Reflects Your Values

While you want to appeal to your students, you need to do so in a way that reflects the values of your school. For instance, if your school is focused on environmentalism, diversity, a particular religion, or any other category, you may want that reflected in the school assembly.

Talk with different entertainers about their programs. In particular, ask about what values are espoused and what the overarching theme of the program is.

3. Educational

School is designed for learning, and your assemblies should be a part of that. Ideally, you want a program that engages kids but that also teaches them something. To hone in on that concept, ask prospective entertainers, what are the core things students will take from this program? After the program, what new things will my students know?

Depending on the nature of the entertainment, that could range from interesting facts about history or science to new ways of coping with bullies or saying no to drugs.

4. Take Home Elements

If students can leave the assembly with something to take home, that can be a bonus as well. For younger students, you may want something fun such as balloons crafted into animals. That helps these kids to develop a positive attitude toward assemblies, and ultimately, that may make these students more receptive to the idea of future assemblies.

For older students, you may want a worksheet or a project to take home. That helps them review the messages covered at the assembly.

5. Great Reviews

Finally, you want to see whether or not other schools have enjoyed this type of assembly. Does the entertainer have some positive reviews they can share with you? Are there videos online showing kids from other schools being engaged with the presentation? Ideally, you want to see those elements before hiring an entertainer.

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