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How To Give Classic Media For Christmas

Have you been thinking that it would be fun to go back in history for your Christmas presents this year? If so, from selecting old movies to buying used video games online, here are some ideas on how to make your gifts especially fun this Christmas.

Start With Making A Detailed List -

  • ​With pen and paper in hand, write down the names of everybody on your Christmas list.
  • Think of people that live out of town and put those names into one category.
  • You'll more than likely need to talk to your family members to find out if you'll be shopping for people on their list.
  • For example, you may think of giving a gift to your child's homeroom teacher at school.
  • However, your child might also want to give gifts to people like his or her choir teacher or the school librarian.

After you've created your list, think about which memorabilia gifts they would enjoy the most and start shopping. Check out resale shops like stores that sell records, old video games and old movies. And, of course, shop online. You'll probably be very surprised at the items you'll find at a very affordable price.

Ideas On What To Buy -

  • For the older folks on your list, think of buying classic movies.
  • Look for favorites like The High and the Mighty or Shane for the men on your list.
  • For the women, think about buying classics like The African Queen and Little Women.
  • Children and teenagers on your Christmas list will probably love classic video games.
  • Look for legendary games like Super Marios, Asteroids, and The Legend of Zelda.

If you aren't very familiar with classic movies and classic video games, get some ideas from friends and family members. For example, ask your grandparents which were their favorite movies from days gone by. Talk to college students and young marrieds to get ideas for which video games to give to the children and the teenagers on your list.

Of course, gift cards are also a great gift. Think about giving candy bars wrapped with a Christmas-themed note that entitles the recipient to shopping online. Think about doing your shopping early so that you can go ahead and wrap the presents. Don't forget to tag the gifts after they've been wrapped. That way you won't forget which gift goes to which person. And, remember to mail out of town gifts early.

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