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What Should First-Timers Look For When Getting A Tattoo?

Getting your first tattoo can be an exciting experience. However, since this is your first, there could be some surprises waiting that you did not count on. To help you prepare, here are several tips to ensure you have the best tattooing experience.

Do Not Choose a Tattoo Artist Based on Price

Tattoos can get pricey. The bigger and more detailed a tattoo is, the more you will have to pay. To save money, some newbies are more willing to try artists who are offering unusually artwork. However, opting for a bargain basement tattoo could have unfortunate consequences.

Professional tattoo artists who are licensed must follow health guidelines that are necessary to ensure that customers receive quality service. The expense of keeping up with the licensing and equipment requirements can add up. Therefore, the price you pay might be slightly more than you want to. However, you can be sure that you are getting a tattoo the healthiest way possible.

By contrast, a tattoo artist that is offering tats for a few dollars might not have the licensing necessary to perform the work needed. Worse yet, he or she might not be following the safety guidelines that could help you avoid an infection and other health problems. Although you want to save money, consider going to a professional artist with the proper licensing.

Inspect the Tattoo Parlor and Artist's Habits

Although most tattoo parlors follow the safety guidelines outlined by local and state officials, you need to pay close attention to the condition of the parlor and the artist's actions. You want to be sure that you are in the safest environment possible for the tattoo.

When inspecting the tattoo parlor, make sure it is spotless. Tattoos are open wounds and if the environment is not clean, you could contract an infection. It might seem over the top, but the parlor should be as clean as a health clinic.

You also need to ensure that the tattoo artist opens a fresh needle package when he or she is ready to start on your tattoo. If the artist is using a used set, you could contract an infection or hepatitis B. In addition to checking the condition of the needle, pay attention to the ink cup. It should be a disposable one that is filled with fresh ink.

By taking these steps, you can make sure your first experience is not only exciting, but healthy.  Contact a parlor, like The Ink Lab, for more help.

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