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Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ During An Interview For Your Reception

The wedding DJ can make a difference in how friends and family remember your reception years from now. The DJ helps to set the mood of the celebration, and if you have not thoroughly vetted your options, you could end up with someone who does not have the experience to keep your party moving. To help ensure the DJ entertainment company is everything your wedding reception deserves and more, here are a couple of questions to ask during the interviews.

Can You See the DJ in Action?

Regardless of what the DJ tells you in the interview, you will not truly get an understanding for his or her style and ability to keep the party moving unless you see him or her in action.

If you are feeling shy about asking to peek at his or her work at another wedding, you should not be. Many couples do it. Besides, you are not asking for a seat at a table. You just want to hear the DJ for a few minutes and get a feel for how he or she performs.

If the DJ is unable to allow you into any of the receptions that he or she is performing at, ask for a video and references. Although it is not the same as a live performance, you can get some idea of how he or she handles a crowd through a video.

Has He or She Performed at Your Venue Before?

Each venue space is different. Whereas the DJ might only need basic equipment to perform at one venue, he or she could need special equipment to ensure the sound quality is right. If the DJ has played at your venue before, he or she likely knows the challenges that might come with it and know what additional equipment will be needed to put on a good show.

If the DJ has not played at your venue before, find out when he or she can tour the space. The day of your wedding should not be the first time the DJ is in the space. If the DJ is unwilling to check out the space before your wedding, keep looking for someone who is willing to. It is likely the venue director will have some recommendations for DJs who have already played in the space before.

Finding the right DJ takes time, but with the right questions and by clearly outlining your expectations, you can have a wedding reception that all will remember. 

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