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Types of Comedy You Can See on Stage

If you are thinking about seeing a comedy show soon, it is worth your while to consider the different types of comedy available. You can see many different types of shows, but it is important that you understand the types of comedy so that you can choose a show that will be fun for you.

Choosing the right show can make all the difference in the kind of night you have. These are just a few comedy options to consider.

Stand-up Comedy

When most people think of a comedy show, stand-up comedy is what they are thinking of. These shows typically involve a series of comedians getting on stage and telling jokes. One set can last anywhere from three minutes to an hour depending on the type of show. Stand-up comedy can run the gamut from clean to dirty. You may find this comedy at designated theaters or even at some special events at churches. Comedy styles at these shows can vary widely.

Sketch Comedy

Sketch comedy involves short skits. If you have ever watched a sketch show on television, it is representative of the kind of show you will see in person. Often, these types of shows are found at local comedy theaters. Sketch comedy comes in many forms, and they often have themes. For example, some shows use a premise of telling the nightly news, whereas others may center around pop culture or religious themes.

Improv Comedy

Improv comedy is unique in that nothing is scripted. Every improv show is different, which is part of its attraction. There are also two types of improv shows that you should know about before the show.

Short-form improv comedy often involves games. The hosts may come to the audience frequently for suggestions about what kinds of scenes to perform. In some cases, improv shows involve the participation of those in the audience, which may be fun for large groups.

Many people prefer long-form improv. These are improv shows that tell longer stories. They may involve longer scenes that have an overarching story. There will be a conclusion at the end of the story, but it will still be completely made up on the spot.

See a Comedy Show Tonight

There are plenty of ways to see a comedy show that meets your preferred comedy style. Check out local comedy shows at theaters in your neck of the woods to learn more.

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