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3 Ways To Use Sparklers For Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving is not just about eating great food, it's about having a celebration with family and loved ones. As you plan out your Thanksgiving celebration, find some unique ways to celebrate and create new traditions to try year after year. One new tradition to consider is the use of sparklers.

The small fireworks offer unique ways to celebrate and can create some memorable moments when used in specific ways. Check out some of the ways to infuse sparklers into your Thanksgiving celebration.

1. A Sparkling Dessert

Turn the dessert presentation into a bright and lively occasion with sparklers. Before you carry a pie or cake to the dinner table, stick a sparkler inside and light it. Carry the dessert over as the sparkler goes off and creates a fun visual display. The simple addition of the sparkler adds to the dessert and really elevates the final portion of the meal.

Dim the lights in the room to make the sparkler shine even more and draw all of the focus to the area.

2. At-Home Parades

Thanksgiving is known for large parades, but you are not just limited to the ones on TV. Create your own parade on Thanksgiving with fun costumes, silly designs, and the use of sparklers. Anyone who marches in a parade can carry sparklers and watch them light up as they march through the parade.

When you purchase a bulk package of sparklers, you will have enough so everyone who does the parade can hold a sparkler and watch it go off as they march through your homemade parade route. If you have a lot of kids over for Thanksgiving, a parade will help the time go by and provide entertainment before the main meal is served.

3. Family Portraits

Thanksgiving is an ideal time for family pictures. When posing everyone together for pictures, take a few regular portraits and then add some fun novelties with sparklers. The brightness of the sparklers will illuminate faces and create some fun effects.

For example, if everyone swirls the sparklers around, then you can make bright circles appear in the photos. Along with photos, the use of sparklers is a great way to capture short home video clips of family members together.

As you shop for sparklers, check out all the different sizes, colors, and design options to use for a Thanksgiving gathering. If everything is successful, then you can make the sparkler fun a new annual tradition that everyone in the family looks forward to.

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